The Drought Continues

It’s been a difficult few years for most of Texas.  We have become the State of No Rain.  It didn’t happen overnight but as the years tick on, our situation is worsening in some areas…especially in my area.  A water line broke down the street from me just today.  Water flowed like a river.  The block was covered with big, black crows who apparently thought they had found the Stream of the Gods.  Gone are the days of green, lush lawns while dead trees highlight a bitter landscape.  Water is becoming the new gold. maybe it starts with us, but it may not end here…there will be other cities and towns with faucets that run dry.  If only we had known to be more conservative, if we had done without non-native landscapes, if we had foregone sparkling pools of blue respite.  But we didn’t know.  No we must look to the clouds and try to remain hopeful, try to deal with the bitter, dry cold


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